What is New with SAP Business One 8.8 and 8.81

SAP Business One 8.8 and 8.81 bring with them new features and functionalities that senior customers and partners have been waiting for a long time. This blog will talk about some of the highlights in these versions.


User Interface:

The user interface looks completely different!  The cockpit provides a single starting point for all the forms and functions that a user needs in order to perform their tasks. There are a few widgets that are available for the user: massages and alerts, open documents, common functions, browser and dashboards.
The search function is a handy way to search for master data, items and business partners, and can also be used to quickly open a form or a report without using the traditional main menu.


Dashboards give SAP Business One the power to show data in a graphical view and allow decision makers to focus and take action on the real business needs.  SAP delivers out-of-the-box dashboards for Finance, Sales and Service.  SAP also provides their partners with the ability to develop and use new dashboards that will focus on the customer needs.

Integration components:

The dashboard capability is leaning on the SAP Business One Integration component (B1iC), but this is not the only tool that is using the B1iC.  With B1iC, partners can develop solutions to connect mobile devices to the application data and enable integration with third parties.  B1iC enables partners to develop integration with other applications using a single integration platform that is flexible and easy to use.


SAP Crystal reports is now built in the application providing expanded, easy-to-use reporting capabilities.  Most documents are now in Crystal print layouts in addition to the traditional Business One Print Layout Designer.  In addition, SAP Crystal Reports has been extended to include add-ons within SAP Business One.  SAP B1 8.8 and 8.81 also support a variety of local tax and reporting requirements and also allows you to create financial statements in accordance with the IFRS.

Procurement process:

A new document, Purchase Quotation, is available in SAP Business One 8.81.   The purchase quotation can be used to create a detailed request for quotation (RFQ) from vendors.  After recording the terms in the quotation, you can use the comparison report to determine the best quotation and create a PO directly from the report.  You can use the new purchase quotation generation wizard to create multiple quotations for several vendors in the same procurement.

Recurring transactions:

The recurring transaction template enables you to define a recurring transaction for documents and activities allowing you to easily record ongoing and typical interactions with your business partners.

Tax code determination:

You can now define rules for tax code determination in sales and purchasing documents.  This functionality allows you to save implementation work, be more flexible, and easily adjust when expanding to new market.

Streamlined Business Processes:

Enhanced business management features that started in SAP B1 8.8 and continue through SAP B1 8.81, include the pick and pack process, ATP (available-to-promise), multiple units of measure, the document generation wizard, gross profit, and much more.


A new tool, data archiving, was introduce in SAP B1 8.8, allowing you to archiving previous journal entries, saving on Database size and irrelevant transactions (thus can be accessible from a different location).  Other significant improvements include transaction management, memory governance, cache mechanisms, and error tolerance.  Also, the SDK was improved to expose new content and brings new tools for developers and solution providers.

The upgrade process has been dramatically improved on SAP B1 8.8 and it is now easy and cost effective to upgrade.

The above are only the highlights for this version. There are many other features in this version that you can read about.

For the full documents on what’s new SAP B1 8.8, please click here

For the full documents on what’s new SAP B1 8.81, please click here.

To watch a video about the highlights in 8.81, please click here:

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